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Missed a day there, oops!

Drove up to Union City today to await a UPS delivery of very important meds, and while I was there I did a lot of sewing. Lengthened two more nighties for Em, made two more placemats, and four napkins to match.

I seem to have moved in with Dave, so from now on “home” refers to Dave-and-Kara’s apartment, and “up north” will refer to the house in Union City. Most of my STUFF is still up north — books, yarn, sewing — because Dave’s stuff is still in boxes. But I’m bringing things down a bit at a time, and I’ll still be spending some time up north because I want to hang out with Em (and I need to childmind her when her parents have rehearsals) and keep seeing lovely Suzanne (The Best Therapist Ever) and Dr Nguyen (The Best Primary Care Doctor Ever) so I’ll keep paying rent and use my room as storage :D

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