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Spent last night in Union City so I could get to Suzanne the Therapist at 9 this morning. It has been maybe a month since our last session — I only have 2 appointments a month and she had to cancel our last session — but it’s ok, I’m so sane now that I can survive a whole month between appointments :D Still, it is EXTREMELY helpful to have her to talk to about anything and everything that’s going on with me.

Let’s see, after Suzanne I went back to UC to do some sewing and hang out with Em. Marcos popped into my room and told me all about their Italian adventures and gave me a book they brough home for me, about the art treasures of Florence — written in German! Such a thoughtful gift.

In the afternoon I drove home, watched new Bake Off and Extra Slice with Dave, and now I’m gonna crash early cause I’m exhausted.

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