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Rosa Parks!

Isn’t that great? I love watching Horrible Histories with Em!

And here’s a little “Simon and Garfunkel”-esque ditty about Viking England. One of the main actors in Horrible Histories (Simon Farnaby, seen dancing with yellow flowers behind Garfunkel towards the end) is the one who plays “Garfunkel” on “Detectorists”, but not in this sketch. In this sketch the “Garfunkel” is played by Matthew Baynton, whom I know from “The Wrong Mans” and other UK shows. (Em has a little crush on him, I think, and so do I. He played Shakespeare in the video I posted a while back.)

If you’re a Peep Show fan, you might recognize “Simon” as Gerard, Mark’s rival for Dobby’s affections, the man with the tube up his nose, played by Jim Howick.

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