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Portland we are in you!

Oops, missed a couple days, there. Wednesday we flew to Portland to go house-hunting and visit my beloved Henry and his family. The flight was, you know, air travel (eyeroll) but it went fine. Got airline employees to push us everywhere in wheelchairs, to baggage claim and rental cars even. Rented nice toyota camry, found hotel (Marriott! Swanky!), then went to Trader Joe’s for Room Food; the Rose and Thistle Pub for dinner (BLAT for me, fish and chips for Dave); then to weed dispensary for our sleep, pain, and nausea gummies (illegal to fly with them so we couldn’t bring our own); then back to hotel to collapse.

Yesterday (Thursday) we met our realtor Tess at a beautiful solid old 1910 farmhouse on a half-acre lot with a workshop — but surrounded by apartments and trailer parks on a busy street, and with just too many stairs, so it was a nope.

Then I took the car to Henry’s and Dave saw another “nope” with Tess. Henry and I picked up Lulu from her Nature Pre-School, which is AMAZING. It’s in the “Children’s Arboretum”, a mini-forest in the city, lush and green and beautiful. She gets to play outside with five little friends for four hours three mornings a week. 100% outside, sun, rain, or snow! Teacher Nick is soft-spoken, takes them on nature walks, and lets the kids resolve conflicts on their own as much as possible. They get to climb trees, rake leaves, play with mud and sticks, pee behind the trees, jump off of bark piles, etc. it’s wonderful!

Then Dave met us back at Henry’s apartment and we went up for a visit and, wouldn’t you know it, my heart went into an episode of SVT again. Oxygen 83%, heart BPM 145. Took my Diltiazem (which I carry every in case this happens) but it wasn’t clearing up and I got all sweaty, weak, and confused (brain and limbs starved of oxygen) so Henry carried me to his car and drove me to the hospital. Absolutely terrifying when this happens.

By the time we got to hospital the Diltiazem had kicked in (exactly one hour from when I took it), my heart was behaving, I was no longer confused and sweating, and oxygen was back to 90%, which isn’t great but not life-threatening, so we found Dave, who had driven the rental to meet us there, and I hopped in with him and we went back to hotel. *Whew* hospital averted.

Chilled in hotel for a couple hours and then Henry and his girls came to visit us! So I got lots of Lulu and Freyja time and Dave got better acquainted with Henry and Jayla. And Lulu gave me a checkup to be sure I was ok *heart eyes*

Today (Friday) I am staying in our room to recover (these episodes leave me extremely fatigued for a few days) while Dave sees a few more houses — one of my favorites is on the agenda today so cross your fingers!

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  1. Kathy Thile

    YIKES that is terrifying but I’m glad it resolved. Can’t wait to hear more about the houses. Are you thinking you’ll buy something now or you’re just getting a feel for neighborhoods so you’re ready later?

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