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Let me think, what happened this weekend… Friday I just rested while Dave looked at some houses. Saturday he looked at more houses while I went out with Henry and Lulu for a couple hours — we went to their favorite thrift store, Village Merchants, which they call “Favorite Place”. Wonderful store! I found somewhere to sit while they browsed. Then we went to the Edelweiss German Deli — oh lord. All the imported German groceries and a huge selection of meats, potato salads, etc. Henry bought some bake-at-home pretzels and some bratwurst. I was quite tired by then so didn’t buy anything to take home but hoping to stop by again before we leave. Then back to Henry’s for a little visit and then he took me back to hotel.

Sunday Dave took me back to see a house he saw with Tess the day before. Nice house but wayyyyy too far out of town for my taste, kinda dull and boxy, and the nearest community is just cardboard condos and all the usual boring shops — Ross, Big Lots, DSW, Ulta, Chili’s, etc. Sterile and horrible.

So then we went back to another house he liked when he saw it with Tess, to see if I liked it too. The owners happened to be there, let us in, and showed us all around. They’re so kind and friendly! I adore the house and adore the location — 5 minutes to the community of Milwaukie, which is charming, 11 minutes to the closest emergency department, 20 minutes to the University hospital for my specialists, 15 minutes to downtown Portland. Charming little 1930 cottage on a quiet dead-end street with a great kitchen, lots of windows, pretty yard, and a huge workshop. All the main rooms are on one level so we won’t have stairs to contend with all the time. Two beds, two baths (one unfinished so Dave has a Project!) on main level, and then the basement level has big clean dry basement plus two more little bedrooms and two more little bathrooms, so plenty of space for guests and Dave’s music studio! Jim the owner took Dave all around and showed him all the improvements and remodeling he’d done and they totally bonded.

We decided that that’s the house for us, came back to hotel, and got the ball rolling on an Offer!! So exciting! Now we wait and see……. arghhhh waiting!

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