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New Switch!

Dave got a covid test yesterday because this cold hit him harder than it hit me and he’s coughing a lot and feeling rotten. Results came back clean — so this is, indeed, just a cold. I’m still not fully recovered either, so we’re just taking it easy.

I was playing Animal Crossing yesterday and eagerly awaiting the November update — when all of a sudden my Switch started freezing. I googled and did ALL the things (rebooting, reinitializing, etc.) — and it still freezes every couple of minutes. So I asked Dave if maybe Santa might bring me a new one for Christmas and he said “why wait?” so I found that our local Best Buy had them in stock. We drove right over between his meetings and picked one up — so now I am the proud owner of a brand-new ACNH-themed Nintendo Switch!

I have downloaded all my previously-purchased software and started my island over again. :)

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