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House update

Everything is still on track for the adorable house to become ours. In a week or so the lending bank will evaluate it, but the outcome shouldn’t affect much of anything. Then we just wait till early December for close of escrow and it becomes ours! We’re letting the sellers stay on until after Christmas, so we will take possession in early January. And then, if Dave’s job is agreeable, we can move to Portland! Fingers crossed…

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  1. Kathy

    Oh my goodness! Big big plans! So exciting, Kara!

  2. Catharine Eastman

    How very exciting!!!! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. (We bought a house in March 2020 and re-discovered that there’s an invisible clause in the contract that states that the buyers must attain a certain level of stress before the purchase can be completed. In our case, this was achieved by the house needing to be appraised a second time and having a hard time finding insurance.)

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