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Tiring day

Had 2:45 lab appointment, to which I was 15 minutes late because of traffic, which means they didn’t take me till 3:20, then 3:45 doc appointment, to which I was also late but only a few minutes so my doc saw me anyway thank goodness. Nothing major, just a check-in. I asked about my night sweats, which he thinks are just a peri-menopause symptom but I thought I was done with that. All my symptoms went away for months! (Except loss of libido. Still waiting for that to come back but I figured it was my antidepressants’ fault. Maybe not?) He is checking my thyroid levels to be sure I don’t need to tweak my dose.

He told me I’ll be able to get great healthcare at OHSU in Portland and seemed genuinely sorry to see me go. Wonderful Dr. Nguyen. He also expressed his joy that I’m still alive despite all the predictions that I’d be dead by now!

Then I went to hang out with Em even though I wasn’t needed for childcare tonight as Kirsten’s orchestra rehearsal was canceled. I want to be sure Em knows how important she is to me even though I’ll be moving away.

I plan to write her a real paper letter every week (already sent one, which made her very happy), and I hope we can set up a regularly-scheduled FaceTime session so she can always count on some Kara-time. Eventually she’ll be old enough to come visit, the way Chloe used to visit every me summer when she was a tween and teen!

So yeah. Very tired, early bed.

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