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Nice day. In the morning I took a shower, did laundry and dishes, re-dyed my hair (teal), and cleaned the toilet. In the afternoon, as usual, I hung out in our bright and sunny bedroom while Dave hung out in the gloomy living room. That way, we each get enough alone time in conditions that suit us, and then in the evening we eat dinner together and cuddle up on the couch and talk or watch tv. Idyllic *heart eyes*

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  1. Rachel De Jong

    Kara, thank you so much for all the books that you have recorded and have given to the us for free. My kids love listening or reading along with you in their books and always default to you as a reader when they have the chance. You have helped me put kids to bed, helped us school on the road, helped kids recover from bad days, helped us enjoy books beyond current reading levels indepenantly, helped us enjoy tedious farm and home chores, helped members of my family recover from rough day, and helped me keep my sanity on a very regular basis. My children count you as a friend the same way they count certain books and authors as friends. Thank you again so much, we are forever in your debt and occasionally in our prayers. Happy thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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