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Sore throat

Woke up with tiny sore throat. Dave says I coughed in the night. Yesterday I had some nausea and a slight headache. Arghhhh.

So, Second Thanksgiving is canceled (but Dave is roasting the turkey and potatoes anyway because I WANT THEM.)

Probably it’s just a cold… but Covid test booked for tomorrow afternoon just to be sure.

I’m obsessive about masking in public and I’m triple-vaxxed, so I doubt if it’s Covid, but it’s something. How did I pick up a bug? Probably because I’ve gotten lazy about scrubbing my hands after every outing and there are a lot of public doors and elevator buttons I need to touch in order to get to and from my car, so… keep scrubbing your hands!

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  1. Kathy

    Hope you’re feeling better. <3

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