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Knitted a lot, worked on my little embroidery kit, hung out with Em over FaceTime.

Every morning Dave and I look at each other and marvel that we’re both still alive. We treasure every single day together and consider it a miracle that we found each other. Here’s reason 768 that I love him — he’s not clingy! If he wants to go out to lunch but I don’t, he goes to lunch and it’s not a Big Deal. If he wants to watch something that I’m not into, he puts on his headphones and watches it without any hurt feelings at all (and vice versa). I like to hang out in the bedroom where there’s lots of daylight; he likes to hang out in the dark living room. We spend many days doing our own thing in different rooms, but we still consider it as “spending the day together”. He doesn’t need to be joined at the hip or constantly interacting in order to feel close to me. Lovely Dave *heart eyes*

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  1. Kathy

    So so so happy for you, Kara.

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