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Up early for Suzanne! We only have two more sessions scheduled before I move, but we’ll continue remotely once I’m settled.

I decided I just don’t have the stamina to drive my car to Portland when we move; even spreading the journey over two days would be Too Much. So we discussed it, and Dave offered to drive my car to Portland to sign the house papers on Monday, leave it there parked at our house, and fly home. We can share his van till we move, or use rideshares, or even rent me a car. So we plotted a coastal route for him, avoiding the seven inches of predicted snow in the mountains, which will of course be a much longer drive so he’s going to split it over two days. Got his hotels and flight home all booked. It’ll be strange to spend a few nights away from him! We’ve been together nearly 24/7 since September — not because we’re clingy/needy, we just enjoy being together :)

Mixmas 2021 is out!

Here’s a new favorite:

Oh today I started sewing satin linings into all the hats I knitted for my Portlanders. They’re turning out great, and will be much better for the curly girls.

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