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Good morning from the hospital AGAIN. Woke up at one a.m. with bizarre knee spasms. Knees locked up, couldn’t straighten my legs or walk, painful shivery spasms in my knees and surrounding muscles.

Dave called 911 and the paramedics thought it was a heart attack and rushed me to the hospital. Hospital ran all the tests and, long story short, can’t find anything new wrong with me.

Oh, doctor is here…


Long story short, Dave ended up in the same ER with an infected sore on his leg. When I was released, I found him waiting his turn in the ER waiting room. Then they called him back for treatment and I waited for six long hours without a phone charger or a book! When my battery got low I created a little bed out of three chairs and slowly made soup in my imagination, step by step, to pass the time. They finally released him around 4:30pm and we went straight home. We’ve both been awake since 1:00 am and have eaten nothing, so it’s time for food and bed.

Lord what a day. But we survived!

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  1. Kathy

    Oh my goodness! How awful.

    Glad you’re both out of there now.

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