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Suzanne canceled our appointment because she woke up with a sore then, poor thing. We’ll have a virtual appointment tomorrow if she feels well enough. So that stop was crossed off our list of errands today. We had to go north anyway, to pick up my meds and to stop in at the house to drop off and pick up some stuff. One of the kids in Em‘s school carpool had contact with another child who tested positive, so I only ran in to the house for a moment and kept my N95 mask on. Poor Em. She’s so happy to be back in school, but she only started on Monday and there’s already been a covid exposure.

Tonight we watched our English cops for a while (24 Hours in Custody, on Amazon Prime) and then the first ep of the new Pottery Throwdown on Channel4! Ahhh lovely Judge Keith and his tender heart, weeping at beauty.

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  1. Gillian

    Thank you very much for mentioning that the Pottery Throwdown is back! It’s one of my favourite programmes (I’m a keen but very amateur potter myself) and I had somehow missed the fact that there’s a new series. It comes to something when I’m based in the UK but get tips on what to watch on our terrestrial TV from someone in the US! I too love the way that Keith gets so emotional in the judging.

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