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We froze last night because a) air mattresses have no insulation from the cold floor and b) the thermostat was set to 64 overnight! But tonight we have our lovely beds and I re-set the thermostat to a more comfy temperature so I’m sure we’ll be warm.

The moving van came today, as expected, and they were only four hours late. A team of polite, burly men schlepped all our stuff in and unwrapped the furniture. Our house looks like a cardboard box bomb went off. I wish we had left everything behind! Ugh! Too much STUFF!

But, as I said before, we have our beds and our wonderful leather sofa so things are beginning to be more civilized.

From time to time throughout the day I stepped outdoors to breathe great lungfuls of cold damp clean tree-smelling air. My god it’s delicious. You can practically taste it!

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