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Stayed in bed till noon. Dave brought me OJ and a hash browns puck from McDonalds and I absolutely LAZED. First morning without an alarm clock since last Friday. Then i got up and took a shower in our new bathroom, and then spent the rest of the day unpacking kitchen boxes. Good lord. Dave has a huge set of dishes – 12 place settings – and about a million glasses and every utensil ever invented. I got about 3/4 through it. For dinner we tried a hole-in-the-wall taco shop, Rigoberto’s, that’s a four-minute drive away. It’s a proper San Diego-style place, with a salsa bar and, frankly, better burritos than anywhere in the Bay Area! And omg inexpensive. $15 total for two huge burritos and all the salsa and lime wedges I wanted to take (obviously we’re only doing takeout because of THE PLAGUE). They’re open 24/7, even!

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  1. Kathy

    A ‘Bertos 4 minutes from your house! That’s going to come in handy!

  2. stephen baker

    I’ve been reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with our housekeeper, who immigrated from El Salvador about 40 years ago but never learned English very well. We discovered your wonderful Libravox recording on Youtube and have enjoyed it very much not only because it is such a rich, funny, and challenging story but also, especially, because we can slow it down so she can mimic you and learn the inflection of American English.
    About 50% of normal speed is about right for her, even though it makes you sound like you have had too much to drink!

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