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Yesterday was rough. Woke up nauseated. None of my usual remedies helped. By evening it was really bad but at bedtime I finally puked and immediately felt much better. Weird. Good ol’ medication side effects, I guess.

My god I love living here in our cozy house in the land of rain. Yesterday I kept a fire burning in the woodstove for extra coziness. We have tons of windows so no matter where I am I can look outside and see misty trees and distant hills and quiet neighbors. We’re on a dead-end street set well back from any high-traffic roads and it’s QUIET. Hope to get my audiobook recording mojo back soon!

This morning was Sit On Hold time. First to the SSA so they know I’ve moved and can adjust my SSI benefits, and then to Alameda County social services so they can terminate my CalFresh food benefits and Medi-Cal. Eventually reached a helpful human in both instances, but after that I gave up on changing my address with my bank after sitting on hold wayyyy too long with them. It’s less urgent. I’ll try first thing in the morning.

Now imma work on my embroidery project and listen to an audiobook.

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  1. Kathy

    I hate all that stuff so much. I’m glad you’re relishing so much in the good parts of moving.


    I’m loving every minute of reading your blog – your happy move. I’m smiling my love

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