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More errands! Got some little ceramic pots and potting soil so I could plant the little rootlings that Henry brought me: two spider-plants and a pothos.

Spent a few hours on hold this morning trying to figure out if I have Oregon health insurance or not. I think I might; I was able to make a web account and see an image of my insurance card! But I was unable to reach a human for confirmation. Ah well. It’ll sort itself out eventually. I just need to stay out of the emergency room for a while longer.

We’ve been watching the Junion Bake Off at night. All the kids are adorable and omg so talented! I wouldn’t even begin to know how to make a cheesecake that represents my dream holiday. Redheaded Lola melts my heart. I basically scream LOLA whenever she’s on screen. She got Star Baker and we were so proud and happy for her! It was awful saying goodbye to Mia, though. Bake long and prosper, Mia!

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