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Oops I missed a day. I have no idea what I did yesterday, but I do remember making mac-n-cheese for dinner.

Today I did a bit of unpacking and tidying and oh I remember something I did yesterday! I decided most of the house is tidy enough for the Roomba! I set him up on the network and had him forget the apartment map, and got him started mapping and cleaning our beautiful house. He got about 3/4 done by bedtime; today I sent him off to clean the whole house again. It took ten hours hahahaha! But only because he needs to keep going back to his base to recharge and be emptied. Our house isn’t THAT big/messy :D

Oh I just remembered! Yesterday I had my first Suzanne appointment since we moved. It was lovely to have a good talk again. I’m going to see if I can drop down to one session per month. Isn’t that brave?

Today I finished the first ep of The Gilded Age on HBO. Very enjoyable. It was a bit stiff and expositiony but not intolerably so; and the costuming is odd but not intolerably so :D I’m really looking forward to the next ep!

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  1. Anne C.

    This comment is way off topic: but I just found your most-excellent reading of Caedmon’s Hymn, which I’m going to share with my grad seminar on Tuesday, and I just had to thank you. So, thank you! (It was a little tough to track you down.)
    I’ve just now also read a bit of your blog here and am enjoying it (the glazed grapefruit cake! wow.). Thanks for both of these life-enhancers,

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