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My family came over today! I brought out my ancient Fisher-Price toys for Lulu to play with and she loved them! She got atarted pretending right away and it was wonderful and heartwarming to see. (I’ve managed to keep the house, the school, and lots of little people and their furniture and stuff). After lunch, Jayla and the baby stayed with me and napped while Henry took Lulu to her first drum lesson and then we hung out a bit more. Henry carried heavy things for me and took the bins out. My lovely family <3

All tired out now, early to bed.

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  1. Kathy Allen

    So much fun to see your Fisher Price toys! My nephews had them and handed some down to my kids. They loved them, and also the record player. Be super careful to supervise her with the little people…they were recalled years ago because the size of the little people can block the windpipe of little kids. She is so darned cute, I am sure you are with her to play every minute you can!

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