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Today I dealt with Tedious Medical Stuff. Called specifically pharmacy to refill one of my crazy meds and gave them my new insurance info. They needed a prior auth so I messaged UCSF to alert them. Then I found a local pharmacy that takes my insurance and called my old pharmacy to transfer all my non-fancy prescriptions. Then I called OHSU to get set up with my specialists, and gave them my insurance info, and scheduled an appointment. Then I spent a few hours trying to find a primary care doc. I called soooooo many places to finally find a clinic that takes my insurance AND is taking new patients, so got set up with them and made an appointment. I feel like there was something else too…

Of course more than half the time on the phone was spent on hold, but everyone I (eventually) spoke to was so pleasant!

By the time I finished all that it was nearly 2pm (I’d started at 9:30am) so I got up and had some breakfast and then I just chilled with Littlewood on my Switch and podcasts for the rest of the day.

Of course Dave and I FaceTimed tonight, as we do every evening while he’s out of town. It was so wonderful to see his dear, sweet, round, kind face. I miss that man. *heart eyes*

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