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Still wading through the exciting fun of trying to get my prescriptions filled. Luckily the Big Three (Opsumit, Remodulin, Sildenafil) that literally keep me alive come from a specialty pharmacy and were filled with very few problems (eventually) but I have 18 other meds that come from an ordinary pharmacy. My California doc said he’d keep prescribing till I got established with a doc up here. I called around, found a pharmacy that takes my insurance, and got my prescriptions transferred. Well, when I went to pick them up last week, it turns out that my Oregon insurance won’t cover them because my California doc doesn’t have an Oregon medicaid number. So yesterday I called my new doc, with whom I’ll have my first appointment next week, to see if she could send in new prescriptions for me. But she won’t do that till she sees me, and I’m running out of meds. Soooo she managed to fit me in for a 15-minute appointment this Thursday. Good enough, if it works out… super proud of myself for not getting all anxious about this!

I baked chocolate chip cookies today, and it was good timing because Henry and Co. came over tonight so I had someone to give half our cookies to because my recipe made TOO MANY lol.

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