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This morning I made a big ol’ spreadsheet of allllll my meds to take to my doc tomorrow, and I made a list of all my ailments so I don’t forget anything when I have my real appointment next week.

Ran a couple loads of laundry and then we went out to run some errands. Library, to pick up a hold (_The Floating Feldmans_ by Elyssa Friedland, which I requested because I loved her _Last Summer at the Golden Hotel_ so much), and then the post office so I could mail Em’s Valentine gift. I made her a little heart-shaped zippered pouch and a beaded macramé bracelet in peacock blue, which was her favorite color last I knew. :D

Then down to the Honda dealer to get the battery replaced in my spare key, then Ace for toilet parts, then Rigoberto’s to pick up lunch, then home. It’s so great having all those locations on one main street just a few blocks from our house!

Now I’m watching the sunset from my favorite Sitting Spot, in the south-facing livingroom window in a big squashy leather rocker/recliner. It’s a great spot for needlework. Lots of daylight and a view to the misty forested hills. I think Dave is done with work now so we can start catching up on some shows that we didn’t watch while he was down south. I’m so happy and contented. *heart eyes*

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  1. Kathy

    You sound so contented! Also *I* get tired reading some of your lists of things you did all in one day, so GO YOU!!!! I am so happy for you!

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