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First appointment at new Primary Care clinic. This was just a mini-appointment so I could get my prescriptions filled. When I made the appointment they set me up with a nurse practitioner to be my PCP, but she took one look at my List of Ailments and said my case is too complex for her. Lol. After we went over my giant Spreadsheet of Medications for my refills, she sent me out to re-book my next real appointment with one of the MDs at the practice instead.

On the way home I stopped at the Neighborhood Creamery, our local independent family-run ice cream shop.

The owner, Melanie, was working behind the counter and we had a nice conversation while she made my milkshake (blackberry swirl). She and her husband ran the location as a Baskin-Robbins for years, but recently they went independent so they could use locally-made ice cream! I told her I wouldn’t have bothered to stop if it were still a Baskin-Robbins and she said TONS of people say the same thing! Hooray for small local family businesses.

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