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Beautiful rainy day! I went to Fed-Ex this morning to overnight the keys to the truck that Dave forgot, and then to the pharmacy to pick up 15 medications. Lol. They owe me two more that insurance won’t cover until my doctor says yes, she needs these medications. Lol again plus an audible eyeroll. I mean… my doctor prescribed them, so that should mean I need them, eh? Ah the American “healthcare” system.

Then I came home and requested a replacement car title (I lost the original somehow and need it to register my car in Oregon), wrote to Em, and gathered up my library books to return. At the library I picked up my holds (about making temari) and got a whole stack of books for me and some to read to Lulu when she visits.

Our little library has a Seed Library, which is a big cabinet like an old-fashioned card-catalog (I miss them) full of seed packets! Very very cool. I chose seeds for tomatoes, mini-peppers, and bush beans which I’ll start indoors to planting outside when the weather warms up.

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