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Got up early to go to the DMV to get my Oregon driver’s license. When Dave went in for his appointment last week, he found out that no written test was required, so I didn’t even need to study. Having an appointment made it easy and streamlined with very little waiting. I remembered to take my passport and some official mail to prove my address so I was able to get a Real ID, too.

Afterwards I went to Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels and got one to eat on the way home and one for later — pumpernickel and sesame, toasted with cream cheese. My god they were good!

In the afternoon I tried my hand at the craft of Temari. My first attempt is wobbly and unlovely, but it was a lot of fun and I’m eager to try again and refine my skill! I haven’t learned a brand-new craft since I learned inkle weaving a decade or more ago.

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