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Woke up still depressed but did a big Self Care morning (i.e. stayed in bed till noon just goofing around on the internet , watching the birds, and ignoring the chores I “should” do) then went out to run a couple errands — bird food (more about my bird feeder later) and another test of my EBT card by trying to buy an apple. My card was declined again, which was puzzling because the automatic phone thingy says I have $650 credit. Hmm. Sat in the car and called again, battling through voicemail options until I got a HUMAN. She said yeah, everything looks fine. And then I realized that the automatic phone thingy said that that’s my “cash” benefit, not my “food” benefit. So I asked the human if that could be the problem and she said yes! So I went back into the store and tried to buy an apple again, this time choosing the “cash” option instead of the “food” option, and it worked!!! YAY! I guess Oregon is just kinder than California when it comes to benefits for the ultra-poor. With food benefits you can literally only buy food, but I think with cash benefits I should be able to buy vitamins, condiments, toothpaste, etc. Nice!

Then home for more Self Care. Dave asked me last night if there was anything he could do to help my depression, and after thinking about it all day I told him that the MAIN THING is to let me just feel my feelings, so I don’t need to put on a happy face and pretend I’m fine. And he totally understood!

Feeling much better by bedtime.

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  1. Kathy

    Love you, Kara. Thank you for the daily updates. I love to think of you out there, watching birds and making things for your grandbabies!

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