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Ooof still exhausted from the Car Dealership Experience yesterday. The salesman was actually great, even though he was chatty. Super nice young man. If you go to Nissan of Portland, ask for Ricky Diamond. He wasn’t slimy at all. He’s from Micronesia, and he told us all about his island cuture and his family and everything. But he only talked a blue streak while we were waiting for other people to do stuff. He didn’t actually waste time. But the finance guy… omg. He talked instead of working! Talk talk talk talk talk. It was agony!

It poured rain all last night and most of today! I woke up in the night wondering what all the noise was!

Dave is working on installing a charging outlet for the Leaf, and I’ve been reading the manual. It’s sooooooooo exciting to have an EV. Now I need an errand to run (after Dave sets up a charger).

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