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Another incredibly tired day. It’s so inexpressibly frustrating. I want to sew and organize and knit and cook and bake and clean and record audiobooks and start seedlings and take a walk by the river, and instead I had to lie down all day. I ran a load of laundry but I just don’t have the energy to hang it up. Hope it doesn’t mildew overnight, but whatever. There’s always vinegar.

Well, I did get up to take the Leaf for a spin (so much fun to drive!) and to get a sandwich. But other than that, today was a write-off. At least I have a good book — The Floating Feldmans, by Elyssa Friedland. It’s another super-duper crazy complicated dysfunctional family story :D

When I have a string of Tired Days I get so anxious. Someday that’ll just be how it is, and I don’t know when. Is this the time I don’t bounce back? It’s frightening.

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