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Slept very badly again but I feel ok and even creative, so I spent a few hours sewing for the littles. I finished a warm outfit for Freyja and assembled the bodice of Lulu’s skater dress. And then I realized that I was tired and could stop without needing to clear away my projects! Oh, the luxury of a sewing room!

Now I’ve built a fire in the woodstove and am going to embroider, watch Taskmaster series four, and listen to a great audiobook I started while I was sewing: The Serial Killer’s Wife by Alice Hunter.

Oh yesterday I finished The Floating Feldmans, another fantastic family novel by Elyssa Friedland. Loved every page. She is AMAZING!

It was gently sunny this morning and and now it’s gently raining. I can hear Dave having a zoom work meeting working in his basement Dave Cave. From my sewing room I watched him set up one of his portable ham radio antennae in the back yard. Lovely, lovely Dave. We’re still absolutely bonkers about each other. *heart eyes*

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  1. Kathy

    I always think that for someone who is dealing with so much, you manage to DO a lot – and have a lot to show for your time. I’m so happy that you are happy with your Dave and living near Henry. I love these cozy glimpses of your life – making woodstove fires and reading good books and sewing for the grandbabies. <3

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