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Up early to go to my first appointment with my Portland primary care physician. Great experience! His PA Nicki (Ricki?) was very kind, and Dr Chen was excellent! He listened! We went over allllll my meds and he’s trying again to get insurance to cover the ones they rejected. My medical records had arrived that morning and he showed me the inch-thick stack (not exaggerating) and said he hadn’t had time to read it all yet — no kidding! Lol. He was familiar with the basics and we discussed the care I need from him — to monitor my thyroid and bloodwork, refer me for appropriate tests, see me every few months, set me up with end-of-life care when necessary. He kind of gently asked me if I knew what my prognosis is, and seemed relieved when he realized that I know exactly how bad it is. I told him I want minimal procedures and tests, and I just want to spend my time being comfortable. He totally understood. So that was a huge relief, cause I really didn’t want to find a different doc! It was hard enough to find him.

Oh and his clinic does their blood draws right there so I didn’t need to go to a lab!

It was so much fun driving my lovely Leaf EV :D

I got hungry twice today and my mood was much much better than it has been for the past couple of months. I had a little more energy, too. Dropping the carb/levo is working and I hope to be back to my regular level of discomfort soon. Ha.

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