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Oh my god I had no idea how much better I’d feel off the carb/levo. Jesus H Christ. I feel cheerful again! I have small amounts of energy!

This morning I went to the library, our wonderful little branch that’s just a few minutes away and is open seven days a week. Got a stack of books for myself and a stack for Lulu. I like to have fresh books for her when she visits. And I got six more pinches of seeds from the seed library! Zucchini, cilantro, bush beans, and three kinds of tomatoes. Came home and started them in peat pots.

I remember soaking peat pots to start seeds in with my mom when I was about five. We had a terrifying, tumble-down greenhouse that smelled amazing but was full of spiders so I preferred to stay near the door.

And then I printed out my new dress pattern (the March Dress from Helen’s Closet here ), taped all the pages together, and traced off my size. I’m going to skip the decorative exterior front and back facing and just face the neck slit to the inside like normal, and I’ve lowered the front neckline by an inch because I know it will drive me insane up high like that. I know I SHOULD make a muslin (a practice garment of cheap cloth to check the fit) but I have a beautiful dark green silk sari that I got for $15 on etsy — that’s cheaper than buying four yards of plain cotton muslin, and the dress has a loose forgiving fit so I’m sure it will be fine. :D

And then I was tired so I’ve been sitting on the sofa watching the New Zealand version of Taskmaster. So good.

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