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Slept till 10am!

Let’s see, what have I done today… I ironed a few yards of beautiful jacquard linen with which I plan to make dish towels. (this one, until the link breaks. Got it on sale. ) Emptied the compost bucket. Got the Roomba going (and rescued him when he got stuck under the same chair he always gets stuck under).

And then I sat in my comfy chair in the south window of the living room and read and read and read. Started one of the crime thrillers I got from the library yesterday: “Find Me” by Alafair Burke. A good solid page-turner.

Oh! I got hungry for lunch! I made and ate a quesadilla! That’s the most significant meal I’ve had in ages. I still only weigh 105 but I’m sure I’ll start to plump up again soon. Last night I got hungry at bedtime and ate a whole apple with a little log of goat cheese, which was my usual bedtime snack until the carb/levo destroyed my appetite. It’s so nice to have a little appetite again, and food has a taste again too.

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