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Lovely rain all day!

No nausea when I woke up thank goodness. I decided to try something new: set a timer and eat one bite of something simple and nutritious every 15 minutes all day. I started with grapes, then later in the day I switched to cherry tomatoes for variety. In the evening I took a chance on a bite of string cheese with each tomato, and I ate a couple of clementines as well. It worked: no nausea all day. Of course, I probably didn’t ingest more than a few hundred calories but I also don’t feel like puking, so yay? Weighed 103 this morning. Argh. Yes, I’ll go to the doc if I can get an appointment. I was so sure that going off the carb/levo would fix me!

Eating tiny bites all day did seem to give me more energy than my usual system, which is to forget to eat all day and then have a somewhat substantial dinner. Or maybe it was just luck. Anyway, I was able to put in a few hours at my sewing machine working on my new dress before I got too tired. Finished the bodice; gathered and set in the sleeves; gathered the sleeves into their cuffs; created pockets; attached pockets to skirt. Lots of handsewing to do tomorrow!

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  1. Kathy

    That is a good strategy. I remember having to do that when I had morning sickness. It helped. I hope your doctor will work with you toward getting you back to enjoying food the way you used to.

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