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Good news, everyone! I am continuing my grazing routine and have not experienced a speck of nausea all day. I started by eating a cherry tomato and a 1/4 slice of bread every half-hour. When Dave went to the good Mexican place for a lunchtime burrito I asked him to bring one home for me, and I’ve been eating one big bite every half-hour all afternoon. Genuine calories and nutrition! I guess my stomach prefers it this way. Fine with me — I’d rather eat bites all day while doing things than need to spend time just sitting and eating. Ho hum. Maybe I’ll start putting weight back on soon. 103 lbs this morning yikes. I’m practically transparent.

I finished sewing my green silk March Dress! I hemmed the skirt by hand, gathered it by hand, attached it to the bodice, attached the sleeve cuffs by hand, and it’s done! Well, I need to sew a care/size tag in but that can wait. I love it! So comfy and floaty and beautiful. I hope to get Dave to take a pic of me modeling it soon, but for now here it is:

Just right to wear if it’s ever again safe for us to go out to dinner :D I plan to make an every-day version in cotton next. I think seersucker or gingham would be super-cute! Pro tip that I just discovered: after gathering an edge, iron those gathers flat before you sew the gathered edge to another piece. Flattened gathers are SO much easier to sew. I can’t believe I never thought of it before.

We had the owner of a local cleaning company do a walkthrough and estimate for us today, and we’ll be setting up our first cleaning appointment soon. It’s a small, family-run, local company and they make their own eco cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda and other harmless things. Super-excited to get the counters and floors scrubbed soon.

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  1. Catharine Eastman

    Congratulations on the dress – it looks beautiful! (And thanks for the pro tip on ironing gathers, which I will try to remember next time I do something with gathers in.)

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