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Nice long sleep. Keeping up my anti-nausea slow-eating campaign, I worked my way through another big veggie burrito all day and it went well — no nausea!

My beautiful Singer Featherweight has been having a stalling issue (won’t start sewing a seam until I crank the handwheel around to get it started) and since I’m currently between projects i googled for a good sewing machine mechanic with Featherweight experience (never take a Featherweight to a run-of-the-mill mechanic) and found Pam of PDX Vintage Sewing Machines, less than 2 miles away! She works out of her garage right in my neighborhood. Her garage is filled with vintage sewing machines of all descriptions and she clearly Knows Her Stuff! She diagnosed the problem right away: though my belt is new, Featherweights are finicky about belts. She tried a different belt and the problem went away. Lol. As long as I was there anyway I asked her to look it all over and give it a polish and wax. She says my machine is in excellent condition! She seemed really impressed. My Grandma treasured it (she bought it new in 1951) and I do too, so it should last forever. What 71yo machines do you use daily? It’s pretty special!

Then I picked up a big bag of drugs at the pharmacy and a stack of bathroom remodeling books from the library for Dave. We have an unfinished (just studs and plumbing) little master bath for him to work on.

Something funny — ever since I started eating little bites all day, I feel less fatigued in the afternoon. I’m still tired but I don’t CRASH. It’s almost like the human body requires a steady intake of fuel instead of waiting till I’m ravenous and eating one meal a day. *eyeroll at self*

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