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We bought a big super-safe trampoline for Lulu (and Freyja, when she’s bigger) to bounce on when they come to visit. It was delivered and set up today, while they were visiting, and it was a beautiful sunny day too! Henry worked in the quiet of my sewing room, and J and I hung out with the girls in the sun on the deck and watched the man assemble the trampoline at the end of the backyard where it’s flattest. He got it done in time for Lulu (and Henry) to do some good bouncing before they had to go home.

Lulu loves fruit, so we ate blueberries and grapes and raspberries and clementines all day. :D

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  1. Kathy

    They are going to love to come to Grandma’s and bounce on the trampoline! Great idea to get that for them.

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