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Headache mostly gone but slept badly and felt super-fatigued all day. i never sleep well when Dave is out of town. My subconscious probably misses my Protector Man, plus my RLS comes back when he doesn’t give me a world-class foot rub at night.

The kids came over! Henry made sandwiches: cream cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes on rye bread (inspired by Albert‘s lunch in “Bread and Jam for Frances”) and he made extra sandwiches for me to have handy in the fridge, and he cooked a dish of chicken sausage, broccoli, and noodles and left plenty of leftovers in my fridge. Dearest dearest Henry *heart eyes*. There was much jumping on the trampoline. I discovered that I can lie in my bed and watch them through the door in my room that leads to the back deck!

When they left (3-ish) I went straight back to bed. Watched another episode of the Swedish version of Taskmaster (Bäst i Test) which is really good! And then I put on and watched a documentary about Broadmoor and then one about the Great Plague of London (1665-66). Ah yes, a big dose of criminal insanity and pestilence to soothe me to aleep :D

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