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I actually felt pretty ok today! Much better sleep. I took 10mg of THC last night because I was desperate for a good night of sleep and it worked.

My Featherweight is still in the shop, but today I had enough energy to cut out all the pieces for a beautiful new dressing gown to replace my ancient tattered ugly fleece one. I’m using a thick luscious cobalt-blue cotton/linen waffle weave from It’s going to be so cozy and warm! The pattern is the discontinued Suki Robe from Helen’s Closet. The pattern was discontinued for a very good reason which you can read here:

I even felt well enough to drive up to the city to meet Henry and family when the Honda’s battery died! I drove Jayla and the littles home and then Henry and I went to buy a new battery and then I took him back to the dead car. He installed the new battery and the car started right up. *whew*

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