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Friday Morning

The ICU nurses here at OHSU are amazing! They treat me like an intelligent adult and explain everything. I’m in very good hands.

After I got here yesterday they ran a bunch of labs, which all came out great except that my potassium is very low. This morning the result of my magnesium test came back also very low. Either one can cause all kinds of strange problems, including heart and respiratory issues, so even if it turns out that this isn’t the main problem it certainly didn’t help.

The food here is amazingly good and fresh and real! There’s a menu with a ton of interesting choices. Not your typical hospital food at all.

I slept the way one sleeps in a hospital, poorly, even though my night nurse only woke me up once. Terrible night sweats. But at least I had time to pack properly so I have my eye mask and my bear and all my charging cables etc.

Today I’ll finally see some cardiology and pulmonary specialists and they will do lots more tests. I feel fine but we really need to know what happened!

Ugh it‘s 7:15am and I’m so tired.

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  1. Kathy

    This is good to hear. I don’t know if that’s the hospital where Calvin was born but they raved about the food wherever it was. Glad you are being listened to and explained to and so forth. I hope they have good and helpful ideas to understand what happened and straighten things out. Love to you!

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