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Saw my new cardiologist, Dr Aldweib, today, finally! Several people warned me that he was “blunt” but I’m blunt too so to me he seemed straightforward and comforting. I don’t like fluff. We went over my whole history. He wants to run some tests to figure out why I got PH in the first place, which no one ever did before, and he says there are medication options that could extend my life a bit more. He didn’t argue when I said I don’t want a heart/lung transplant. Good, good.

Omg tonight I finally got around to starting “The Great” on hulu, which is a dark dramedy series about Catherine the Great. I wasn’t expecting much, figured I’d watch half an ep and cross it off my list but DAMN! It’s GREAT!!

It’s very loosely based on actual history, and in fact there’s a banner at first that says something like “some of this is probably true”. I respect that. The writing is razor-sharp. The characters speak like 21st century English people, which is so much better than trying to use olde timey dialect and failing miserably, which seems to be the standard for period dramas.

The cast is delightfully multicultural, even if the characters are not. Know what I mean? Like, the Black and Asian actors are playing Russian courtiers and it feels so much better than if they tried to shoehorn in some Black and Asian characters. Natural. They’re all just people.

The acting is beyond superb. The costuming, while probably not accurate to 18th century Russia, is cohesive, well-designed, and makes good sense. The women are obviously wearing the correct underpinnings and enough shifts and petticoats to fill out their skirts correctly (I’m looking at you, Guilded Age). Sets and scenery are gorgeous.

Absolutely cannot wait to watch the second ep tomorrow.

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