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A better day. Got plenty of sleep, and stayed in bed resting until Henry and co. showed up around noon. Oh man they are good to me. They decluttered and tidied, did laundry, took out trash and put the bins out. Henry picked up my prescriptions, returned my library books, and got burritos for all. He also used the tabbouli ingredients that I bought the day before my ER trip and my recipe to make me a lovely big vat of refreshing, easy-to-eat tabbouli. Lulu ran around and caused joyful sparkling creative chaos. Freyja is an expert crawler and puller-up and is a solid chunk of personality. She roars, in a conversational way, all the time. She waves. She grins. She wants desperately to walk! It’ll be very soon now and she’s only 8 months old.

No trampolining for Lu today cause it was alternating rain and hail!

I felt so blue last night that I called Chloe, just to cry on her shoulder through the ether. It really really helped. She knows how to listen and is such a comfort. We always call and cry on each other when we need to. We’re the best, closest cousins ever. <3

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  1. soozan

    Chloe and Kara, Kara and Chloe, my heart

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