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Today is better. Got enough sleep. Not crying. Took a shower. I feel weak, shaky, and headachy but maybe consuming some calories will help that. I just need to think of something that seems appetizing and won’t nauseate me. I’ll start with an Ensure (only 150 calories but lots of nutrients) and then maybe I’ll see if an apple sounds good, with goat cheese if my stomach doesn’t mind too much.

And I think I’ll start working on the second Gardener Sock, if my headache will allow it. Feeling good enough to knit is nice. Finished the first sock a few days ago. Will post pics when I get around to it…

There’s a Downy Woodpecker at my suet feeder! They’re darling. Small, floofy, beautiful black and white patterned feathers, and the male has a tiny bright-red cap on the back of his head, like a yarmulke. Adorable.

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  1. Kathy

    Sounds so rough, Kara, but you’re taking the steps you can take. That bird-feeder sounds wonderful. Springtime in Oregon is bound to be beautiful.

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