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Not great sleep (poor Dave’s CPAP mask had issues and he snored like a walrus) but I felt less depressed anyway. I potted two zucchinis and three pole bean seedlings! I keep my shower chair on the deck in my “garden” so I can sit comfortably while filling growbags with soil etc. Can’t do much at a time, but doing a little bit when I feel well enough is working nicely; I have a pot of sunflowers, a pot of zucchini, a pot of pole beans, and a pot in which I sowed a lot of spinach but only three have germinated. The “seed library” seeds don’t germinate well, so when I’m up to it I’ll go buy some fresh seed packets.

Henry, Jayla, and co came over to visit in the afternoon! My goodness they’re a lovely family. They treat their daughters (and each other) with so much love and respect. Just wonderful to see. Lulu wanted a snack so Henry found grapes, three kinds of berries, and cherry tomatoes in the fridge and we grazed on them together. Fruit is one of the only foods I find appetizing.

After they went home I was looking at stuff on the internet, as one does, and I saw a picture of lasagna that looked appetizing, so Dave heated up a frozen Trader Joe’s lasagna and I ate two tiny helpings!

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  1. Kathy

    <3 I'm glad you had a better day. Love to you.

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