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Cheerful today! And I think maybe the extra Remeron (7.5mg up from 3.75) is having the desired effect because I noticed myself thinking about food this evening, and desirous of lasagna! Got grubhub to deliver some tasty Italian food from Love Verona tonight and ate about a third of a serving yay! Got plenty extra for the freezer, as long as I was paying for delivery anyway.

Boy do I get winded fast though. Ever since the hospital I get out of breath just walking from room to room. I need to remember to move very slowly.

The workers from Webfoot Concrete Coatings cane this morning to start resurfacing Dave’s workshop floor! He’s getting one of those nice epoxy (or something) coatings put on. Super exciting! Can’t wait for him to finally have a real workshop set up again.

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  1. Kathy

    This progress is great to hear, Kara. Woohooo!

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