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Today I had my ophthalmologist appointment, which is necessary because I’m on heart meds (amiodarone) that can mess up your vision. Doc said I’m good, just the very beginnings of cataracts but that’s normal. And he gave me a new glasses prescription which makes me very happy because my former prescription was Never Right. I’ve already ordered new glasses — same frames as last time because I love my red cat-eye frames!

Oh! Yesterday I got my iPad connected to my DNS proxy so we can watch BBC even though my laptop is in the shop. Thank goodness. We watched the first ep of the new season of Great British Sewing Bee. Such a joyous show. Tonight I plan to watch Lucy Worsley’s show about the restoration of Notre Dame.

Also! The OHSU endocrinology department contacted me and booked me in for next Thursday! I’m THRILLED. My pulmonologist threw his weight around and got them to give me an urgent appointment. Maybe there’s hope that we can solve my multiple horrible new issues.

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