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I think the doubled dose of mirtazapine is helping. I wouldn’t say my appetite is back, but I can think about food and eat a bit at appropriate times without feeling disgusted. Perhaps it’s helped my mood, as well. I felt positively cheerful today. I weighed 101 lbs this morning! Never got lower than 98, and maybe it’ll turn around now. I miss my round face. I look haggard when I’m this thin.

Dave had his booster shot scheduled for 1:30 today, and I had happened to notice, while browsing Portland restaurants, a German restaurant called Gustav’s near his Kaiser compound, so I drove him to his appointment and we had a lunch date afterwards! I even wore a frock, the blue flowered one I made over a decade ago. Good lunch. I ordered side dishes (the red cabbage was the best) and Dave had a cabbage roll, a bratwurst, and about a gallon of excellent German beer. He got a bit tipsy. Adorable.

We were both wiped out when we got home, so sat on our comfy couch and watched Netflix and Hulu and such till it felt like bedtime. It was 7:45. We’re old. Lol.

And now I’ll read till I feel sleepy. I’m working my way through the Miss Read novels again.

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  1. Soozan

    You think you’re old! I’m ready for bed and it’s 5:47 lol

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