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This morning I woke up at 7 and realized I hadn’t taken my handful of pills last night, so I took them and went back to sleep… till 11am. Lol. And then I dozed till noon! Couldn’t figure out why I was so sleepy until I realized that I take a bunch of meds at night that have a “drowsiness” side effect. Yup.

So I got up eventually and did the dishes and, since it’s a gorgeous spring day, I worked in my garden for a while. I say garden, but it’s really big grow-bags (like fabric pots) on our deck just off the livingroom. All I do is step out the sliding glass door — no steps. I have my shower chair out there so I don’t need to crouch on the ground. There’s even a hose. My peas, sunflowers, spinach, and pole beans are doing nicely. Today I filled up a ginormous grow-bag with potting soil and planted my last three tomato seeds from the library. They get ONE MORE CHANCE to germinate and if they fail again I’m just gonna buy nice fresh seeds at the nursery.

Now I’m eating broccoli and reading Marian Keyes’s new novel “Again, Rachel” which is so damn good I need to ration it and make it last.


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