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I went to Trader Joe’s, yay! I tried to find some things that looked appetand have a lot of calories… bought some dried apricots to snack on, and some peanuts and raisins. Kefir, too, and my usual green apples and goat cheese.

In the afternoon we had a sudden intense rainstorm. It was bonkers. It rained harder than I’ve ever seen, just absolutely gushing down, and we got an inch of hail too. And the basement flooded! Dave’s office got the worst of it since it it’s nearest the back door where the water came in. We’ll need to replace the carpet and flooring. The actual basement-basement only got a few puddles. Dave ran out to Ace and got a mop and one of those yellow buckets that squeezes the water out of the mop and mopped up the worst of it, and then Henry and crew came over in the evening to move their stuff out of the water. (They’re storing some boxes and furniture down there while they move)

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