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Henry and Jayla got the keys to their nee house yesterday! Yes, a Millennial couple bought a house! (With downpayment help and advice from someone wonderful) It’s a sweet little 1959 tract house on a quiet street in a nice, diverse, family neighborhood, walking distance from elementary, middle, and high schools and plenty of parks and other amenities.

They have a back yard for the dog and the girls to play in. A double garage to keep things in. An apple tree. Rose bushes. A gas stive and a window over the kitchen sink. A driveway to park in and no stairs! (They’re been living in an absolutely hellish apartment building for the last couple of years)

Today we went over to hang out and let the Internet Man in while Henry drove around getting things done. Lulu took Dave by the hand to give him a tour and my heart melted.

You have no idea what a relief this is to me to know that they’re no longer at the meecy of rotten landlords. They have their own house! They can hang pictures and paint the walls any color they like! Lulu can run around without being shushed for fear of pissing off the downstairs neighbors.

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